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3D Blue Tea Eyes, Sky Mirror & Sekinchan Tour

  • Sky Mirror is a one of place can snap/take a lot of  beautiful pictures as your precious memories. 

  • Blue Tears are  bio-luminescent plankton that washed up on the beach creating an unearthly spectacle during the night hours. 

I love Betong.jpg

2D Bentong Trip

Bentong is a town located in the western part of the Pahang state in Peninsular Malaysia. Genting Highlands and Bukit Tinggi are some

of the well-known tourist attractions located there

River Cruise Muar.JPG

1D Muar Special Tour

Muar is a very Small town, the famous here is the food, heritage and culture to natural wonders, it is the place to escape the non-stop honking of vehicles, the hectic city life and the hot and dusty air.


 Batam Shopping

  • Batam is the largest city in the province of Riau Islands, Indonesia. Good for Shopping, famous on Seafood, Kuih Lapis.


1D Hakka Tour

  • Kulai town and other towns within this district are located along the old trunk road linking Kuala Lumpur and Johor Bahru.

  • in this district major local dialect are Hakka, so their famous Food is Yong Tau Fu,  客家雷茶,菜扳。


Leisure Farm Tour

  • The main purpose of Sri Tanjung Leisure Farm open eco-farm park is to provide opportunities for visitors to get to know and enjoy the natural beauty as well as see a variety of wildlife, plants and tropical fruit trees locally.


1D Bekoh Tour

Kampong Bekoh is a beautiful, peaceful town where they are no busy people hastily going here & there, no long queues , no noise, from vehicle, no tall building, no heavy traffic, just a simple and refreshing village.


1D mooncake Tour

Mid autumn  festival is a harvest festival celebrated by the Chinese people, the festival is held on the 15th day at the 8th month of the lunar calendar with full moon at night. 


2D kukup Relax Tour

Kukup (Chinese: 龟咯) is a small fishing village in Pontian DistrictJohorMalaysia. It is famous for its open-air seafood restaurants built on stilts over the water. 


1D Temple Tour

Batu Pahat, also called Bandar Penggaram, port, Peninsular (West) Malaysia (Malaya), on the Strait of Malacca at the mouth of the Batu Pahat River. It is a fishing town and a distribution centre; and, until the completion of a bridge in 1968, it was a ferry point for road traffic across the river. Batu Pahat is famous, especially there have a Tua Pek Kong Temple, 抱黄梨,摸鱼

Ranoh Island.jpg

Ranoh Island

Ranoh Island or now in Kenal with Ranoh Island Adventure Name Beach is located in Abang Island Batam Island, has a White Sand and beautiful Coconut Tree in Dalamnnya。

batam shopping.jpg

2D Shopping Spree Batam

Batam is the largest city in the province of Riau Islands, Indonesia. This is the Paradise for Shopping especially for shopping,  dry Seafood, Kuih Lapis, shoes, clothing and etc. Batam do famous of seafood, majority people come to visit Batam they sure go for the Massage as well.


2Day Mantin Tour

Mantin Forest Art Farmstay, located between KL and Negeri Sembilan. It is a forest resort with beautiful sceneries,statues and artwork collections, and many family-fun activities.

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Cameron higland.jpg

3D Cameron Highland

The Cameron Highlands, 金马崙高原 s the most popular of the highland retreats in Malaysia. Located at almost 2,000 meters at its highest point, Camerons offers visitors a moderate climate with daytime temperatures averaging around 25°C and 18°C at night

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Penang k.jpg

3D Penang Tour

Penang is a Malaysian state located on the northwest coast of Peninsular Malaysia, by the Malacca Strait. The Famous of Penang Food, Penang Laksa, Keow Tiao, Lo Bah, Durian & etc

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